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Innovation 03.04.2019

The TX2touch cobot series

Serving Man, propelling productivity


The world’s safest, most productive cobots:

Stäubli has just released a line of five new cobots that offer exceptional productivity and the safest man–machine collaboration on the market.

Inherited from TX2 robots

Cobots in the TX2touch series are gifted with all the qualities intrinsic to the TX2 family. With their smart design, they move seamlessly between high productivity and man–machine collaboration. Businesses will see a rapid return on their investment thanks to the TX2touch’s ability to adapt to fluctuations in production volume. These cobots also have unique SIL3/PLe modular safety functionalities.  And they’re designed for smart production, with an Ethernet Cat5e port integrated into the forearm, near the tool flange. The TX2touch series offers the same superior reliability inherited from the TX2 family, higher lifetime and lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) optimized thanks to Stäubli’s JCS gearbox and the CS9 controller’s energy recovery functionalities.

tx2touch90 industrial collaborative robot

Strong and sensitive

True to the values of the TX2 family, cobots in the new TX2touch range outperform traditional cobots, achieving superior productivity. Strong and sensitive, they can handle loads of up to 20 kg and are equipped with a highly responsive skin system. This advanced technology reduces the reaction time whenever a cobot comes into contact with a human being, keeping operators safe.

The TX2touch advantage

  • The highest SIL3-PLe safety level of any cobot
  • Designed to alternate seamlessly between productive and collaborative modes
  • Adapts instantly to production needs for a rapid ROI
  • Five different models for a multitude of applications with a payload up to 20 kg
  • Unbeatable cobot path precision and repeatability, even when used with a vision system
  • While stopped, the cobot resumes its path exactly where it left off
  • Superior flexibility:
    • Highly modular, can be used in a wide range of environments
    • Extensive spherical work envelope and high dexterity in confined environments
  • Technology and reliability inherited from the TX2 collaborative robot series
  • Less maintenance, patented components (longlasting JCS gearbox)
  • Competitive TCO, energy recovery functions
  • Smart production connectivity
    • Highly connectivity of robot arm with integrated electric and pneumatic user circuits and Ethernet Cat5e near the tool
  • Compatible with all production devices and systems, including:
    • Every standardized communication protocol in the world
    • Real time Ethernet protocols
    • ERP thanks to the open controller architecture
  • The most advanced multitask functions on the market

The TX2touch series is about delivering maximum flexibility. With its unique design, the cobots allow production specialists to move continuously between high level productivity and Man–Robot interactions, making them incredibly effective in today’s production environments.

Julien Lora, Marketing Robotics Bayreuth
Safety on Demand

TX2touch cobots are the only cobots with a SIL3/Ple safety classification. They can use a combination of up to five different modular functions according to the production environment:

  • Safe Limited Speed : the cobot switches to a reduced speed (≤ 250 mm/s) as soon as the operator enters the environment, regaining full speed once the operator is gone.
  • Safe Stop : the cobot slows down as the operator approaches, stops during the interaction, and starts up again at the end of the interaction.
  • Safe Zone : the cobot only enters the safe zone under predefined conditions and with limited arm movements.
  • Safe Tool : the safe zone is defined according to the dimensions of the cobot’s tools or grippers.
  • Safe Touch : the cobot reacts in 10 ms whenever it comes into contact with an operator. Contact is harmless, since the cobot’s skin is up to 20 mm thick to optimize the safety of all Man–Robot interactions.

With the skin’s innovative design, it’s possible to add modular extensions to protect cameras, grippers, and other sensitive equipment.

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